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If you can offer a solution or a prescription to your customers' problem, the sale will close itself. Selling is not jamming your foot in someone’s door.

Rebel entrepreneurs live and work by a very straight-forward but effective philosophy: pick one thing and do it well. Rebel entrepreneurs work to make their

If you know at least parts of your speech off by heart, especially the beginning, then even if you are nervous, you won't have trouble with public speaking

A rebel entrepreneur can make their staff feel like they are self-employed but still a vital part of the organisation. Then, together, they can work towards

Face to face communication has been proven to be more productive, especially in terms of idea flow. Research shows that an in-person meeting can generate

The negative orientation of the mind is no longer effective as a survival instinct. It prevents us from achieving our full potential, leaving us victims of

Rebel entrepreneurs know that it all starts with desire! Our brains have been biologically optimised to help us achieve our goals, especially if they are

Without imagination, invention is impossible. W. Clement Stone famously said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. Belief and

Great businesses sell products that solve their customers’ pain. The reasoning behind this model for success is psychological. Humans, on a rudimentary

A lack of sleep wreaks havoc on our physical and mental well-being, and yet humans are the only mammals to deliberately deprive themselves of sleep. From a

Rebel entrepreneurs understand a fundamental truth about sales - the product itself doesn’t seal the deal but the experience that goes with the product does

Rebel entrepreneurs must prove their viability if they want to maintain their potential investors’ interest, and secure the funding. In 1997 I returned from

A rebel entrepreneur, on the other hand, will take opinions into consideration, but they will not override their own self belief. They are aware of the

When a belief becomes ingrained in your subconscious it has the same effect as a placebo, and you can then harness its power. It becomes a ‘knowing’ that

With feedback, rebel entrepreneurs can remove the friction points and then reassess. This process is known as the “perfection loop”. It’s ongoing, but with

A rebel entrepreneur is very aware of the right timing for trends happening in society, and if applicable, launches their product or service when they can

A rebel entrepreneur isn't afraid. If the promise of reward is not enough to motivate you into taking that plunge, then try changing your motivation to fear

Setbacks are simply a sign that great things are about to happen, so get ready to take off, just position yourself to shoot in the right direction

In order to protect your business and yourself, negative people should be identified as early as possible. If you share your idea with them and they

Rebel entrepreneurs don’t judge people based on their role or their title. They don’t see labels. They treat everyone with respect - cleaners, secretaries,

Questions are more important than solutions, because as W. Clement Stone explained, they take us out of victim-mode. Writing out a list of positive

Once we stop asking “What’s in it for me?” and change that question to “How can I help?” - we can tap into the part of our psyche that thrives on helping on

The wisdom of stoicism can be a guiding light through tough times in business. You may encounter problems entirely out of your control, and in this instance

Rebel's employees need to think independently, but brainstorm together. It's most effective when they know about the session in advance, as this gives the

Rebel entrepreneurs take intellectual risks, emotional risks, personal risks and social risks. For a rebel entrepreneur, risk-taking is a way of life.

Delayed gratification doesn’t just make treats taste more delicious, the practice yields better results at every stage of life. Closer to your big dream

Stress is good for you. Only if you believe that stress can kill you, it will. However, once I realised that it could work for me rather than against me

Whatever you put in now will come back to you in the future. A rebel entrepreneur will sacrifice a few years of partying now for decades of freedom later.

A rebel entrepreneur will make decisions not solely based on their logic but their gut feeling too. They trust their gut. In business, it may feel like

Positive visualisation of a goal has a profound effect on the human body. A ‘goal’ here can also mean any important event, including an upcoming speech

Innovation without money is possible, in fact, there’s never been a better time to start a business on a budget. Leaving aside the numerous app stores

Never sell out. I’ve seen first hand how so many otherwise brilliant entrepreneurs sell majority shares to VCs, or investors, only to become the employee

A rebel entrepreneur knows the importance of integrity and will always look for win-win solutions. They value honesty, and put their hands up when they’ve

The returning soldier effect is just one of the bizarre and unexplainable ways the world works to restore balance. Rebel entrepreneurs who are passionate

For a rebel entrepreneur, imagination is the key, a vital source of innovation and, ultimately, proof that even the most outlandish ideas can become reality

Rebel entrepreneurs understand that they need to tap into collective wisdom, and they know how to use it when it comes to developing a product or service.

Rebel entrepreneurs are able to take that plunge and do it for freedom. They work when they want, where and how they want. They don't do it for money.

A rebel entrepreneur understands that in order to make money they have to invest. They don’t let their cash stagnate. Their goal is not to work for money

The AI revolution will be no different. AI will see people leave monotonous menial jobs and start working in more creative positions. We probably cannot

Each project is completed you must begin again. There are less limitations in the sale of products. Products have the potential to earn you money while

A rebel entrepreneur - whether it is in life or business - will always focus on what's ahead. Once you start orienting yourself in the direction you wish to

When we stand tall, put our hands in the air and take up space, we can assert our dominance. You can learn and master confidence

When you are struck with a good idea - whether it’s a new innovation or an idea for a business - remember somewhere in the world, someone else is having

Diversity in business is essential. Studies show that teams composed of men and women of different races, nationalities, sexual orientations and reli

A rebel entrepreneur stands by their integrity and tells the truth. Only stupid people lie. They do so because they fear the consequences of telling the

Rebel entrepreneurs must show investors that they have the tenacity to get through uncertain financial periods. They are patient.

Rebel entrepreneurs write down the big goal. They ask themselves continuously if what they’re doing now is bringing them closer to that single, big goal

Rebel entrepreneurs craft their product with simplicity in mind, and this makes the act of pitching easier. They develop their product knowing that if they

As a rebel entrepreneur, more often than not, the only direction for you to move in is against the tide of the crowd. Rebel entrepreneurs are different

Failure is crucial to the development of an entrepreneur’s business. It is not an indication of incompetence, but a powerful reminder of our growth, our

Rebel entrepreneurs realize that they thrive in the face of fear and the unknown. It's only when they take that jump, that they understand what they are

A loveable product can be judged not by what it is, but by what it is not. They lack friction points - or anything that prompts frustration or confusion.

When you develop a product or service, endeavour to make it both easy to use and explain. Make it simple. If you are unable to capitulate what your product

If we can look at any situation from a larger perspective, and with the understanding that situations are only good or bad if we label them as such. Often

A rebel entrepreneur understands their own worth. They take control of their own destiny. If they have to temporarily work for a boss, they are aware that