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ARTICLE 120: Over 500 faces were staring up at me, waiting for me to say something. Anything. But I couldn’t even open my mouth. I had been invited


ARTICLE 120: If you know at least parts of your speech off by heart, especially the beginning, then even if you are nervous, you won't have trouble


ARTICLE 118: Social media is an invaluable tool in business. The platform gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to quickly reach a targeted or global


ARTICLE 118: Face to face communication has been proven to be more productive, especially in terms of idea flow. Research shows that an in-

ARTICLE 089: In 2010, Cornell researcher Matthew Brashears set out to determine how human friendships have evolved since the internet


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ARTICLE 088: For most, listening does not come easily – not because we’re unintelligent or callous – but because the mechanisms of our brain make



ARTICLE 082: In the 1980s, Italian neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti was studying the brain functions of macaque monkeys when he


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ARTICLE 069: Most people are born with a powerful instrument that is completely unique to them – their voice. When our vocal cords vibrate



ARTICLE 067: A study conducted by LinkedIn found that 85% of jobs are secured through networking as opposed to traditional application


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ARTICLE 052: When I was in my early twenties, I worked as a salesman for a company that raised money for the Catholic Church in California. I didn't


ARTICLE 014: When we stand tall, put our hands in the air and take up space, we can assert our dominance. You can learn and master confidence

Learn and master confidence

ARTICLE 014: In 2008, researchers Jessica Tracy and David Matsumoto studied the body language of blind athletes at the 2004 Paralympics against