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The power of breathing

ARTICLE 113: Humans can live without food for three weeks. We can go without water for about three days. But without any air, we’ll die after just



ARTICLE 112: In recent times, anxiety has become an epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world



ARTICLE 110: In 1964, Norman Cousins was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a debilitating condition that left him in constant pain.



ARTICLE 097: In 1993, Swedish psychologist Anders Ericcson set out to find what makes great performers tick. He was particularly interested in



ARTICLE 096: Stephen King was on a flight from New York to London when he awoke from a frightening nightmare in which he was being held



ARTICLE 090: When Steven Kotler was 30, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. His symptoms were so excruciating he spent 90% of his day in



ARTICLE 077: Acknowledging gratitude is wholly beneficial to the rebel entrepreneur. I’ve spoken in the past about how the practice of giving thanks



ARTICLE 076: In 1957, a patient known to the media as ‘Mr Wright’ was diagnosed with cancer in a California hospital. His tumours were the size of


Cold shower

ARTICLE 066: When Katharine Hepburn was a child she would take an ice bath every morning and swim regularly in the Long Island Sound. The


The power of a hot sauna

ARTICLE 059: It is thought that the sauna was first invented by the Finns over 2,000 years ago before they travelled and brought it to the Americas in


5 AM

ARTICLE 058: Navy SEALs get up at 04:30 AM every morning for a gruelling physical session. As the sun rises, a SEAL will complete a body-building


ARTICLE 046: A lack of sleep wreaks havoc on our physical and mental well-being, and yet humans are the only mammals to deliberately

Lack of sleep

ARTICLE 046: Amnesty International lists deliberate sleep deprivation as a form of torture, and those who have been subjected to it support


Stress is good for you

ARTICLE 029: At one point in my career, it felt like stress was going to defeat me. Deadlines were mounting, I felt physically sick and I hadn't slept


ARTICLE 029: Stress is good for you. Only if you believe that stress can kill you, it will. However, once I realised that it could work for me rather than