Article 028: For real freedom Sacrifice the partying

According to Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, an object at rest will remain at rest, while an object in motion will stay in motion, maintaining the same constant speed. However, Newton’s second law of motion states that in order for an object to accelerate, there must be a force acting upon it. This acceleration is directly proportional to the force – meaning that as this force becomes greater, the acceleration of the object increases. If the force decreases, the object will slow down, and eventually, come to a stop.

Indeed, Newton’s laws of motion govern the movement of everything in life, but they also play out importantly on a business level. Simply put, you get what you give. If you stay still, your business will stagnate. If you consistently put in the same amount of effort, your business will keep moving but it won’t be able to grow. In order for your product or service to accelerate, you need to apply force.

I would simplify business by stating that either it’s growing or dying – there is no in between.

Rebel entrepreneurs generate the required force to propel their product or service through discipline. They reap what they sow. Success will not come to you if you don’t put the time in and make it work. Great discipline is needed to make your business accelerate and grow.

To be part of the 1%, a rebel entrepreneur must be prepared to do what the other 99% are not. They find the time in the day to focus on their product or service, knowing that what they get out of it will be directly proportional to the work that they put in.

Discipline may mean having to restructure your priorities, but it is this discipline that guarantees the freedom of a rebel entrepreneur. Whatever you put in now will come back to you in the future, and six months of hard work on your business can really put you ahead in life.

A rebel entrepreneur will sacrifice a few years of partying now for decades of freedom later.




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