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Can money buy happiness

ARTICLE 063: Can money buy happiness? In a study published in Psychological Science, Kathleen Vohs found that when people are



ARTICLE 054: Money was my motivation in my early days as an entrepreneur. In hindsight, this was the single biggest mistake I made in my


Innovation without money

ARTICLE 025: When 3D4Medical started off, I was operating entirely on a shoestring. We had just one employee – me – who worked from the attic of my


Do it for freedom

ARTICLE 019: “Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.” – Chrisjan Peters As you read this, you might be stuck in an office


Don't work for money

ARTICLE 018: In Latin, the word currency means ‘to flow’. Picture a town where everybody is in debt. Each town-person owes money to someone



ARTICLE 016: Which makes for a better business – selling a product or a service? I happen to have experience in both. I was the founder and CEO of