Article 054: Don't chase money. Chase your passion.


Money was my motivation in my early days as an entrepreneur. In hindsight, this was the single biggest mistake I made in my career. I was not driven by passion to make products that would make people’s lives better or easier, or to make the world a better place – but by wealth. In the pursuit of money for the sake of money, my happiness dwindled, and in the end, so did some of my first businesses.

Years later, I took a different approach. I worked hard on products I genuinely believed could make a real difference in people’s lives. I let passion be the driving-force. This route proved infinitely more fruitful – I enjoyed my work, in fact it wasn’t work, because I loved it and I was incredibly proud of my products. Money came later.

If you don’t have fun and truly love what you do, quitting becomes an inevitability. However, if you are super-passionate about your company, and what it stands for, your love will continue to grow and a lot of money will come as a byproduct.

When you look at monetary rich people, you find that their success is due to their contribution to society. Think about that; whether they’re an actor, an entrepreneur, a rockstar or a manufacturer, their wealth is the result of the way in which their work has made people’s lives easier or happier. They made a difference to the society in which they live, and their money signifies the value of their contribution. They never started off merely for the pursuit of money. They chased their dreams and their unyielding passion for what they do is what made their success a reality.

As a rebel entrepreneur, passion for your products is your means of survival, your toolkit to see you through the toughest times – and there will be tough times. I went broke on multiple occasions, and have had countless sleepless nights, even after monetary success. It was my passion – and not profit – that allowed my businesses to not only survive, but to thrive.

The path of an entrepreneur can be rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. Business is unpredictable, and the pursuit of money for the sake of money will not get you through the difficult times. However, passion will act as your insurance against failure.




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