Article 094: Click with investors


Investors say no to entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons, and more often than not it’s simply a case of the fit not being right. After all, the average relationship between an entrepreneur and an investor lasts 10 years, so if an investor has any doubts about your character, they are likely to say no. Having said that, rebel entrepreneurs will use the pitching session as an opportunity to show that they possess the characteristics that will see both their relationship and their business through the years to come.

In pitching to investors, rebel entrepreneurs communicate the qualities they possess that will ensure the longevity of their business. They talk about their vision with passion, but also demonstrate that they have adaptability. Investors look to invest in people who are coachable and willing to learn. If they get the impression that an entrepreneur lacks these qualities, they will have immediate doubts about whether he or she has what it takes to endure challenging times in business. Being able to demonstrate how you were able to take ‘hits’ and still get back up is also very important as all investors know that there are always challenges ahead that are not in the business plan.

In addition, it is crucial for rebel entrepreneurs to demonstrate that they are easy to work with. Investors value integrity and honesty so if they have any doubts about an entrepreneur’s character they’ll say no. It is for this reason that Alicia Syrett cautions entrepreneurs against exaggerations in their pitch as investors will be able to see right through them. Syrett also advises against asking potential investors to sign an NDA without giving any valuable information. Additionally, pushiness and overconfidence read as a lack of judgement and these qualities may signal to investors that you might be difficult to work with. Honesty, on the other hand, goes a very long way.

In pitching their business, rebel entrepreneurs ensure that their honesty, integrity, passion and coachability are readable. In doing this they signal to investors that they are easy to work with, and instantly boost their chances of hearing that yes.




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