Article 045: Don't sell the product. Sell the experience

When realtors host open viewings they invite potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. They get rid of clutter, brew a pot of coffee and adorn the place with fresh flowers. Many will even ensure that bread is baking in the oven by the time viewers come around. Realtors go to these lengths because they are not selling the building, but the idea of living in a beautiful home. They understand a fundamental truth about selling – the product itself doesn’t seal the deal, but the experience that goes with the product does.

When rebel entrepreneurs design a product, they do so with the aim of offering unique experiences to their customers, or simple solutions to their problems. They understand that if their product can satisfy a specific need, or make their clients’ lives easier or happier, then the business has the potential to scale. Rebel entrepreneurs can gain a competitive edge by honing in on an experience or a solution that their competitors cannot offer. In emphasising this, their brand becomes synonymous with that experience in the mind of the consumer.

In his feature on Optimal Business Daily, Steve Chou cites a number of companies that have benefited immensely from marketing an experience or a solution. Head & Shoulders, for instance, offered a solution to a common problem which allowed them to stand out among thousands of brands in the market. They simply sold the experience of being dandruff free. To this day, they remain the number one best-selling shampoo brand in the world.

I myself used this principle when I came up with the concept for 3D4Medical. I wasn’t interested in developing a generic medical learning application. What I really wanted was to offer students a tool that would help them get through med school. I let them clearly see themselves getting their anatomy exams!

When it comes to selling, rebel entrepreneurs emphasise the problem that their product solves, or the unique experience that comes with owning it. Once this is identified, it can be incorporated into their marketing messaging in a way that creates a clear picture in the minds of consumers. This immediately sets them apart from competitors, giving them the opportunity to dominate the market.




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