Article 064: Make your thoughts resonate to attract your dreams


For years, many have claimed that their success is due to the power of ‘manifestation’. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne claimed that if you put desire out into the universe, that desire will be realised.

While some people believe this is true, I would argue there is so much more to this idea and the principle requires a different approach in order for it to yield real results. When successful people achieve success, it’s not just due to manifestation, it’s actually down to resonance.

All objects vibrate at a particular frequency. Resonance occurs when two bodies at the same frequency collide and vibrate at an increased amplitude, creating something bigger. Our brains are no different.

Our brainwaves vibration depends on our thoughts. When we feel focused, the higher frequencies of our brains are dominant and we can emit Beta brainwaves (14Hz – 30Hz), and when we’re lethargic, the lower Theta brainwaves are active (4Hz-8Hz).

This understanding of thought vibration can be traced in the work of Carl Jung, whose theory of synchronicity shone a light on coincidences. Coincidences do not happen by chance, they happen because the frequencies of similar thoughts and experiences vibrate and attract each other.

When we see people living incredible lives, their thoughts are vibrating at a particular frequency, which attracts other positives that are vibrating at that same frequency into their lives. The inverse is also true: people who concentrate on lack will attract more lack into their lives. It might sound a bit out there, but our brainwaves – like everything else – vibrate, and therefore have the power to resonate.

A rebel entrepreneur can attract success into their lives. If their thoughts are vibrating at a particular level, they can make coincidences happen for themselves and even increase their energy by emotionalising them. It’s much more than putting a desire out into the universe – our thoughts have to resonate with what we want to attract.




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