Article 068: Leadership is winning together


A 2013 report by Gallup found that only 30% of employees feel inspired at work. It is estimated that this lack of engagement results in a loss of up to $550 billion a year due to lost productivity. Another study from Edelman found that up to 82% of employees do not trust their bosses, while 50% of employees quit their jobs because of issues with their managers. From these statistics Edelman concluded that the US is experiencing a “crisis in leadership”, and the economy is suffering as a result.

Rebel entrepreneurs will approach their team members with honesty and compassion in order to strengthen their company as a whole and realise their objectives and key results.

Keith Ferrazzi once said that a good leader has to “earn permission to influence”. This is undeniable. In order for your team to see your goals through, your vision must strike a chord with them. If they don’t feel like an important or valued part of your vision, it is unlikely that they will do what they can to help you realise your goals.

Great leadership is about making people better, and, if you don’t truly know your employees’ ambitions, this is impossible. When a leader engages with their team, they get to know their individual goals, values and aspirations. With this knowledge a rebel entrepreneur will be able to craft the perfect job for them, which in turn will ensure that they feel both valued and inspired at work.

Trusting, genuine relationships are the foundation for any company. When a team is successful, a rebel entrepreneur will recognise these wins and celebrate the victories together. This generates the momentum required for continued success, and the process repeats in a cyclical fashion.

Above all else, a rebel entrepreneur stands by their integrity and treats their team accordingly. Without respect, they cannot call themselves a leader. A rebel entrepreneur will foster strong, genuine relationships grounded in respect.




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