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One Person

It only takes one person to make or break a brand. Rebel entrepreneurs understand this. They never underestimate the impact a single person can have.



To survive, businesses have to change their plans all the time. In business, adaptability is crucial. If you don't adapt you don't survive.


If you can offer a solution or a prescription to your customers' problem, the sale will close itself. Selling is not jamming your foot in someone’s door.


The phone line went dead. Another no. I had just arrived in the US and the only job I could get was in


Instant gratification

Amazon have built their brand on the understanding that modern consumers are willing to pay to get what they want as fast as


Premium product

In 2003, researchers Dholakia and Simonson used eBay to see how customers really respond to discounts. They sold the same album – Pink



The average American makes up to 70 choices per day. Choice is a fundamental part of life. While freedom is all about having



When Facebook secured funding in 2004, they didn’t have a formal pitch. Instead, they had a media pack which demonstrated the platform’s reach



Investors say no to entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons, and more often than not it’s simply a case of the fit not



Investment expert Alicia Syrett maintains that the average investor says no 98-99% of the time, although this figure fluctuates depending on the type


Venture capitalists

When I finally got 3D4Medical off the ground, external investors and venture capitalists started showing interest. They’d get in touch with generous offers,



When my business partner Niall Johnston and I got up and running, we visited many investors, to demonstrate the virtues of our 3D


Artificial intelligence advantage

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world we live in every day whether you are aware of it or not. As new strides in


Sell products

In 1870, Josephine Cochran enjoyed a busy social life, and would host dinner parties for her friends from her home in Illinois. One


Great businesses sell products that solve their customers’ pain. The reasoning behind this model for success is psychological. Humans, on a rudimentary

Rebel entrepreneurs understand a fundamental truth about sales - the product itself doesn’t seal the deal but the experience that goes with the product does


When realtors host open viewings they invite potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. They get rid of clutter, brew a



When it comes to fundraising it is critical to not only communicate your adaptability and the viability of your product, but to prove


Rebel entrepreneurs must prove their viability if they want to maintain their potential investors’ interest, and secure the funding. In 1997 I returned from

A rebel entrepreneur, on the other hand, will take opinions into consideration, but they will not override their own self belief. They are aware of the


In 1956, researchers at Swathorne College set up a simple study to determine the extent to which humans are influenced by others. In



In 2008, Marissa Mayer wanted to determine how colour influenced users’ engagement with Google Ads. Mayer performed extensive colour testing for Google Ads


With feedback, rebel entrepreneurs can remove the friction points and then reassess. This process is known as the “perfection loop”. It’s ongoing, but with

Never sell out. I’ve seen first hand how so many otherwise brilliant entrepreneurs sell majority shares to VCs, or investors, only to become the employee

Never sell out

A friend of mine was the ultimate rebel entrepreneur. On a shoestring he managed to build a multimillion dollar business in just a


Don't work for money

In Latin, the word currency means ‘to flow’. Picture a town where everybody is in debt. Each town-person owes money to someone else,


A rebel entrepreneur understands that in order to make money they have to invest. They don’t let their cash stagnate. Their goal is not to work for money

The AI revolution will be no different. AI will see people leave monotonous menial jobs and start working in more creative positions. We probably cannot


When web browsers were launched in the 90’s, sceptics feared that the advancements would result in mass unemployment as the internet made a


When you are struck with a good idea - whether it’s a new innovation or an idea for a business - remember somewhere in the world, someone else is having


In 1952, a group of scientists conducted a behavioral study on the monkeys living on the Japanese island of Kōjima. Over the course



When Colonel Sanders franchised his signature fried chicken recipe, he was in his sixties. After years of selling from his roadside restaurant in


Rebel entrepreneurs must show investors that they have the tenacity to get through uncertain financial periods. They are patient.


Failure, in the past, was seen as grounds for punishment, especially for entrepreneurs. Societies from Ancient Greece and pre-modern Italy would publicly humiliate


Failure is crucial to the development of an entrepreneur’s business. It is not an indication of incompetence, but a powerful reminder of our growth, our