Month: February 2020


The phone line went dead. Another no. I had just arrived in the US and the only job I could get was in


If you can offer a solution or a prescription to your customers' problem, the sale will close itself. Selling is not jamming your foot in someone’s door.

Pick one thing

In New York City, there is no shortage of restaurants that serve just one meal. From mac and cheese places to peanut butter


Rebel entrepreneurs live and work by a very straight-forward but effective philosophy: pick one thing and do it well. Rebel entrepreneurs work to make their

Public speaking

Over 500 faces were staring up at me, waiting for me to say something. Anything. But I couldn’t even open my mouth. I


If you know at least parts of your speech off by heart, especially the beginning, then even if you are nervous, you won't have trouble with public speaking


A staggering majority of people are unhappy at work. It’s a world-wide epidemic. In the United States, 70% of people hate their jobs.


A rebel entrepreneur can make their staff feel like they are self-employed but still a vital part of the organisation. Then, together, they can work towards


Social media is an invaluable tool in business. The platform gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to quickly reach a targeted or global audience from


Face to face communication has been proven to be more productive, especially in terms of idea flow. Research shows that an in-person meeting can generate