Article 126: The Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Rebel Entrepreneur

So what exactly is the difference between an entrepreneur and a rebel entrepreneur?

For a rebel entrepreneur it’s not just about making money – money is important but not the only goal. Rebel entrepreneurship is a way of life where the rebel questions the status quo or conventional thinking or why we have always done something a particular way. It’s about thinking out of the box and going against the grain and ultimately finding a better way to do things and being passionate about this new way to do things. For example, a rebel entrepreneur will not build ugly houses just because there is a high monetary return, they must see the beauty and feel passionate about what they are doing. Most importantly a rebel entrepreneur is not afraid to voice their opinion when they know something is unjust or question why it is being done a particular way

A rebel entrepreneur questions everything, even their own belief come from, listens to new points of view and then comes to their own conclusions.

We live in a time where questioning conventions and thinking for yourself is becoming increasingly difficult. We may be concerned about what other people think and we might stop ourselves from sharing our own perspectives because we worry about how they’ll be received. However, thinking differently, asking questions and being disruptive are all a vital part of the innovation process and being a rebel entrepreneur.

Rebel entrepreneurs stand by their integrity. They are unafraid to question conventional wisdom. Crucially, they ask the question “Is there a better way of doing this?” The answer to this question is usually only found with unconventional ‘outside of the box’ thinking




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