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ARTICLE 121: Rebel entrepreneurs live and work by a very straight-forward but effective philosophy: pick one thing and do it well. Rebel entrepreneurs

Pick one thing

ARTICLE 121: In New York City, there is no shortage of restaurants that serve just one meal. From mac and cheese places to peanut butter


It all starts with desire

ARTICLE 116: Desire plays a huge role in the realisation of a rebel entrepreneur’s path. That primal, all encompassing urge to succeed feeds


ARTICLE 116: Rebel entrepreneurs know that it all starts with desire! Our brains have been biologically optimised to help us achieve our goals,

Oscar Wilde

ARTICLE 073: I was eating a meal recently and noticed tables of people celebrating. When the waiter brought out a cake with burning sparklers to



ARTICLE 060: I spent most of my adolescence in detention. From a young age – even though I was considered ‘clever’ – I was constantly getting in



ARTICLE 054: Money was my motivation in my early days as an entrepreneur. In hindsight, this was the single biggest mistake I made in my


ARTICLE 040: A rebel entrepreneur is very aware of the right timing for trends happening in society, and if applicable, launches their product or service


ARTICLE 040: In 2007, two broke roommates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia realised that if they couldn’t raise enough money for rent on their San



ARTICLE 039: In 2015, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis wanted to determine which is a more effective motivator – the carrot (the


ARTICLE 039: A rebel entrepreneur isn't afraid. If the promise of reward is not enough to motivate you into taking that plunge, then try changing your

ARTICLE 025: Innovation without money is possible, in fact, there’s never been a better time to start a business on a budget. Leaving aside the

Innovation without money

ARTICLE 025: When 3D4Medical started off, I was operating entirely on a shoestring. We had just one employee – me – who worked from the attic of my


ARTICLE 021: For a rebel entrepreneur, imagination is the key, a vital source of innovation and, ultimately, proof that even the most outlandish

Imagination is the key

ARTICLE 021: When Star Trek first debuted, it gained a cult-following who were charmed by the innovative technology that took centre stage. Many


ARTICLE 019: Rebel entrepreneurs are able to take that plunge and do it for freedom. They work when they want, where and how they want. They

Do it for freedom

ARTICLE 019: “Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.” – Chrisjan Peters As you read this, you might be stuck in an office


ARTICLE 016: Each project is completed you must begin again. There are less limitations in the sale of products. Products have the potential to earn


ARTICLE 016: Which makes for a better business – selling a product or a service? I happen to have experience in both. I was the founder and CEO of


ARTICLE 003: Rebel entrepreneurs craft their product with simplicity in mind, and this makes the act of pitching easier. They develop their product

Pitch short

ARTICLE 003: The average human attention span is short, and, according to a 2015 survey by Microsoft, it’s only getting shorter. In the study



ARTICLE 008: When I first told people about my vision for 3D4Medical, they laughed at me. I was a broke outsider who disliked authority and more


ARTICLE 008: As a rebel entrepreneur, more often than not, the only direction for you to move in is against the tide of the crowd. Rebel entrepreneurs


ARTICLE 005: Reid Hoffman – the founder of LinkedIn – once said: “Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and trying to assemble a plane


ARTICLE 005: Rebel entrepreneurs realize that they thrive in the face of fear and the unknown. It's only when they take that jump, that they

Loveable product

ARTICLE 004: After years of grafting and sleepless nights, I finally felt ready to launch our product. We were given a great opportunity to launch Complete


ARTICLE 004: A loveable product can be judged not by what it is, but by what it is not. They lack friction points - or anything that prompts frustration

ARTICLE 009: When you develop a product or service, endeavour to make it both easy to use and explain. Make it simple. If you are unable to


ARTICLE 009: Before it was called Instagram, it was called Burbn. With this app, users could share photos, connect with friends, earn points and


Control your own destiny

ARTICLE 001: I remember the exact moment I made the decision to become an entrepreneur. I was 18, working in the US on a Christmas


ARTICLE 001: A rebel entrepreneur understands their own worth. They take control of their own destiny. If they have to temporarily work for a boss