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Golden ratio

The total length of the human face divided by the distance between the eyes and mouth approximates towards the number 1.618, also known



Over the course of his career, Massaru Emoto was fascinated by the connection between water and human consciousness. Emoto encouraged over 1,900 people


Directed energy

In 2018, the furniture company Ikea brought two plants to a classroom in Dubai in order to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Day. The



For years, many have claimed that their success is due to the power of ‘manifestation’. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne claimed that if


The Returning Soldier Effect

After times of war, when a large percentage of the male population is killed, there follows a huge spike in the number of


The returning soldier effect is just one of the bizarre and unexplainable ways the world works to restore balance. Rebel entrepreneurs who are passionate

Tap into collective wisdom

In 1906, polymath and statistician Sir Francis Galton was visiting a country fair in England when he first observed a strange mathematical phenomenon.


Rebel entrepreneurs understand that they need to tap into collective wisdom, and they know how to use it when it comes to developing a product or service.