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Golden ratio

ARTICLE 087: The total length of the human face divided by the distance between the eyes and mouth approximates towards the number 1.618,



ARTICLE 078: Over the course of his career, Massaru Emoto was fascinated by the connection between water and human consciousness. Emoto


Directed energy

ARTICLE 075: In 2018, the furniture company Ikea brought two plants to a classroom in Dubai in order to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Day. The two



ARTICLE 064: For years, many have claimed that their success is due to the power of ‘manifestation’. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne claimed that if you


The Returning Soldier Effect

ARTICLE 022: After times of war, when a large percentage of the male population is killed, there follows a huge spike in the number of the


ARTICLE 022: The returning soldier effect is just one of the bizarre and unexplainable ways the world works to restore balance. Rebel

Tap into collective wisdom

ARTICLE 020: In 1906, polymath and statistician Sir Francis Galton was visiting a country fair in England when he first observed a strange


ARTICLE 020: Rebel entrepreneurs understand that they need to tap into collective wisdom, and they know how to use it when it comes to