Month: October 2019

ARTICLE 024: Never sell out. I’ve seen first hand how so many otherwise brilliant entrepreneurs sell majority shares to VCs, or investors, only to

Never sell out

ARTICLE 024: A friend of mine was the ultimate rebel entrepreneur. On a shoestring he managed to build a multimillion dollar business in just a short


The Importance of Integrity

ARTICLE 023: In 1961, Stanley Milgram recruited 500 men to take part in what they thought was a memory test. The participants were given the role


ARTICLE 023: A rebel entrepreneur knows the importance of integrity and will always look for win-win solutions. They value honesty, and put their

ARTICLE 022: The returning soldier effect is just one of the bizarre and unexplainable ways the world works to restore balance. Rebel

The Returning Soldier Effect

ARTICLE 022: After times of war, when a large percentage of the male population is killed, there follows a huge spike in the number of the


ARTICLE 021: For a rebel entrepreneur, imagination is the key, a vital source of innovation and, ultimately, proof that even the most outlandish

Imagination is the key

ARTICLE 021: When Star Trek first debuted, it gained a cult-following who were charmed by the innovative technology that took centre stage. Many


ARTICLE 020: Rebel entrepreneurs understand that they need to tap into collective wisdom, and they know how to use it when it comes to

Tap into collective wisdom

ARTICLE 020: In 1906, polymath and statistician Sir Francis Galton was visiting a country fair in England when he first observed a strange


Do it for freedom

ARTICLE 019: “Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.” – Chrisjan Peters As you read this, you might be stuck in an office


ARTICLE 019: Rebel entrepreneurs are able to take that plunge and do it for freedom. They work when they want, where and how they want. They

Don't work for money

ARTICLE 018: In Latin, the word currency means ‘to flow’. Picture a town where everybody is in debt. Each town-person owes money to someone


ARTICLE 018: A rebel entrepreneur understands that in order to make money they have to invest. They don’t let their cash stagnate. Their goal is not

ARTICLE 017: The AI revolution will be no different. AI will see people leave monotonous menial jobs and start working in more creative


ARTICLE 017: When web browsers were launched in the 90’s, sceptics feared that the advancements would result in mass unemployment as the internet


ARTICLE 016: Each project is completed you must begin again. There are less limitations in the sale of products. Products have the potential to earn


ARTICLE 016: Which makes for a better business – selling a product or a service? I happen to have experience in both. I was the founder and CEO of


ARTICLE 015: A rebel entrepreneur - whether it is in life or business - will always focus on what's ahead. Once you start orienting yourself in the


ARTICLE 015: When Formula 1 drivers realise they are heading straight for a wall, their first reaction is not to stop, but to divert their gaze from


Learn and master confidence

ARTICLE 014: In 2008, researchers Jessica Tracy and David Matsumoto studied the body language of blind athletes at the 2004 Paralympics against


ARTICLE 014: When we stand tall, put our hands in the air and take up space, we can assert our dominance. You can learn and master confidence


ARTICLE 013: In 1952, a group of scientists conducted a behavioral study on the monkeys living on the Japanese island of Kōjima. Over


ARTICLE 013: When you are struck with a good idea - whether it’s a new innovation or an idea for a business - remember somewhere in the world,


ARTICLE 002: Koko the gorilla, was just a year old when her instructor taught her American Sign Language. Soon, Koko had a vocabulary of over


ARTICLE 012: Diversity in business is essential. Studies show that teams composed of men and women of different races, nationalities, sexual


ARTICLE 012: Picture yourself as a sports manager, assembling the best football team that would challenge the league title. Would you take


ARTICLE 002: A rebel entrepreneur stands by their integrity and tells the truth. Only stupid people lie. They do so because they fear the consequences of


ARTICLE 011: When Colonel Sanders franchised his signature fried chicken recipe, he was in his sixties. After years of selling from his roadside


ARTICLE 011: Rebel entrepreneurs must show investors that they have the tenacity to get through uncertain financial periods. They are patient.

ARTICLE 010: Rebel entrepreneurs write down the big goal. They ask themselves continuously if what they’re doing now is bringing them closer to that

Big goal

ARTICLE 010: Michelangelo once said: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and


ARTICLE 003: Rebel entrepreneurs craft their product with simplicity in mind, and this makes the act of pitching easier. They develop their product

Pitch short

ARTICLE 003: The average human attention span is short, and, according to a 2015 survey by Microsoft, it’s only getting shorter. In the study


ARTICLE 008: As a rebel entrepreneur, more often than not, the only direction for you to move in is against the tide of the crowd. Rebel entrepreneurs


ARTICLE 008: When I first told people about my vision for 3D4Medical, they laughed at me. I was a broke outsider who disliked authority and more


ARTICLE 007: Failure is crucial to the development of an entrepreneur’s business. It is not an indication of incompetence, but a powerful


ARTICLE 007: Failure, in the past, was seen as grounds for punishment, especially for entrepreneurs. Societies from Ancient Greece and



ARTICLE 005: Reid Hoffman – the founder of LinkedIn – once said: “Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and trying to assemble a plane


ARTICLE 005: Rebel entrepreneurs realize that they thrive in the face of fear and the unknown. It's only when they take that jump, that they

Loveable product

ARTICLE 004: After years of grafting and sleepless nights, I finally felt ready to launch our product. We were given a great opportunity to launch Complete


ARTICLE 004: A loveable product can be judged not by what it is, but by what it is not. They lack friction points - or anything that prompts frustration

ARTICLE 009: When you develop a product or service, endeavour to make it both easy to use and explain. Make it simple. If you are unable to


ARTICLE 009: Before it was called Instagram, it was called Burbn. With this app, users could share photos, connect with friends, earn points and


Good or bad

ARTICLE 006: There was once a farmer, whose stallion was his most prized possession. He took excellent care of the animal, until one day, the


ARTICLE 006: If we can look at any situation from a larger perspective, and with the understanding that situations are only good or bad if we label

Control your own destiny

ARTICLE 001: I remember the exact moment I made the decision to become an entrepreneur. I was 18, working in the US on a Christmas


ARTICLE 001: A rebel entrepreneur understands their own worth. They take control of their own destiny. If they have to temporarily work for a boss