Article 081: To get results, condition your mind

Condition your mind

In the 1890s, Ivan Pavlov conducted a number of experiments on dogs in which he studied their saliva secretion. Pavlov would ring a bell before the dogs ate so that they would associate the sound with meal time. He found that when the dogs heard the bell, they would produce saliva even when there was no food. He theorised that triggers, when connected with a specific memory, enact upon the brain stimulating a neurological reflex mimicking the original sensation. Pavlov’s hypothesis – classical conditioning – would later become the basis for anchoring – a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that works to rewire the mind through physical triggers. With anchoring, rebel entrepreneurs can code their brain to spark feelings of happiness, calmness or confidence in any given circumstance.

In order for anchoring to be effective, rebel entrepreneurs must first identify their desired state of mind. The next step is to decide the specific bodily location for the anchor, eg. the wrist, index finger, chest, back of the neck. Anchoring involves the reliving of a memory associated with that particular feeling – a time when you felt incredibly confident, for instance, or a relaxing location that you visited. Our senses are connected to memory so picture it clearly, try and remember what the moment sounded like, felt like, smelt like. Emotionalize it. Once the memory is established, re-visit the designated anchor on your body and connect the trigger to the memory. This will immediately signal a stimulus response that will program the brain to experience the desired state. Repeat until the anchor is ingrained with the memory. Once the anchor is properly grounded, the entrepreneur can return to it and harness the benefits of the neurological reflex.

Anchoring is a hugely useful technique that many rebel entrepreneurs use to quickly get into their desired state of mind. Whether it’s ahead of an interview, a meeting with investors or a public speaking event, anchoring can quickly prime the brain into the appropriate state of mind, ensuring that the rebel entrepreneur is in the very best position to take on any challenge.




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